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envirOpak™ is an environmentally sensitive wood-free packaging system.

As a privately held global packaging and logistics company, envirOpak™ produces and sells an engineered style of plastic slip sheets called a SLIP-TRAY Pallet™. This wood-free packaging system is being used by companies in the agricultural, chemical, plastic, and rubber industries.



envirOpak | Environmentally Friendly Packaging


envirOpak’s SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ is being used to ship beans, cocoa, coffee, flour, peanuts, resin, sugar, synthetic and natural rubber, as well as many other products between and within England, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and North, Central, and South America.

The design of the SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ has many advantages for industries that are currently using pallets. With the rounded patented lip design, products can be loaded easily using common tapered forks. This design also works efficiently in applications that utilize a push-pull forklift attachment.

The four sides enable FIBC’s (super sacks) small bags and boxes to fit inside the SLIP-TRAY Pallet™. These sides prevent items from shifting as is common with pallets and normal slip sheets.The SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ four sidewalls protect the bottom row of product. These sidewalls also enable the stretch or shrink-wrap to encapsulate the product on all six sides.

The SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ is pre-creased with interlocking tabs for quick and easy assembly. SLIP-TRAY Pallets™ can be shipped partially assembled if required.The SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ is normally made from recycled plastic resin and can be 100% recycled back into itself.



envirOpak | wood-free packaging system


The Advantages of the envirOpak SLIP-TRAY Pallet™

  • Eliminates wood splinter and fibrous paper contamination
  • Reduces material handling cost
  • Eliminates weight and space from the container and trailer
  • Functions as a catch tray to contain product spillage
  • Made from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable
  • 180 SLIP-TRAY Pallets™ take up the same amount of space as one wood pallet
  • Used with a normal forklift
  • Reduces product damage caused by nails, splintered wood, and forks
  • Reduces employee injuries caused by lifting heavy pallets, nails, and wood splinters
  • Is manufactured in various forms, footprint sizes, gauges, sidewall heights, and colors

envirOpak’s SLIP-TRAY Pallet™: an economical and user-friendly alternative to a pallet!