An Environmentally Sensitive Wood-Free Packaging System

envirOpak™, Inc. is an independent company that has developed a wood-free packaging system. This system is presently being used by companies within the agricultural, chemical, plastic and rubber industry. We are currently working with the air cargo industry to develop a version of the SLIP-TRAY Pallet to meet the new TSA requirements that were implemented on August 1, 2010. We have sold over one million to date and have calculated 700 acres of forest have been saved by our customers using SLIP-TRAY Pallets instead of wood pallets. Some of our notable clients include, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, HJ Heinz and ADM.

We have established agents and distributors in the USA, Guatemala, South Africa, several of the West African countries, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. We are currently targeting Central and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

  • The SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ is a plastic slip sheet engineered, produced and sold by envirOpak, Inc.
  • This wood-free packaging systems’ innovative design has many advantages for any industry currently using wood, steel or plastic pallets
  • The SLIP-TRAY Pallets’ rounded lip design, promotes easy and efficient loading of product, using either common tapered forks or a push pull-pull forklift attachment
  • Its four sidewalls enable big bags, small bags and corrugated containers to fit inside the SLIP-TRAY Pallet
  • The sidewalls prevent items from shifting, a common problem with other pallets and normal slip sheets. They also protect the bottom row of product and enable wrap to encapsulate the product on all sides
  • The SLIP-TRAY Pallet is manufactured in various forms, footprint sizes, gauges, sidewall heights and colors. They are pre-creased with interlocking tabs for quick and easy assembly, but can be shipped partially assembled if needed
  • SLIP-TRAY Pallets are used in nearly every industry to ship practically anything between and within Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and the US, Canada, and Central and South America
  • Being made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) the SLIP-TRAY Pallet is the perfect solution for sanitary shipping.
  • Unlike costly plastic pallets, the SLIP-TRAY Pallet is inexpensive and unlikely to be targeted by thieves looking to cash in its plastic content.
  • A direct replacement to wood, metal and plastic pallets.
  • The SLIP-TRAY Pallet is an engineered slip sheet that normally does require a push pull attachment.