Environmental Impact Statement

It is the policy and commitment of envirOpak, Inc™., a company incorporated in the state of Ohio and presently having sales and distribution representatives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States.

An end-user receiving goods and/or material using a SLIP-TRAY Pallet™ and/or Interlayer /SKID-PLATE  manufactured in a facility sourced, licensed or owned by the SLIP-TRAY Pallets patent owner, will be returned for recycling at envir0paks expense to a point designated by envir0pak, from that end-users place of business.

For this return policy to be effective, it will be incumbent upon the end-user to package the used SLIP-TRAY Pallets in a fashion so that they are in bundles of 1100 lbs./500 kilos to 2200 lbs/1000 kilos and/or container or trailer quantities greater than 22,000/10,000 kilos, excluding any packaging such as pallet weight.

Minimum returnable quantity is 2200 lbs/1000 kilos. It is noted that SLIP-TRAY Pallets presently range in weight from 2 lbs/1 kilo to 9 lbs/4 kilos.

This policy is effect for all countries of the world. However, it is understood that individual end-users in countries outside of the Continental United States may be required to accumulate a single container/trailer quantity as defined previously for this return policy to be effective. Or, in the alternative, to hold used units until a container/trailer load can be accumulated from several end-users within a region or country.